About Nancy

Nancy is a leading authority on the relationship between humor and grief, as well as effective tools for stress relief, and is known for her energetic, entertaining and content-rich programs.  After becoming a Certified Laughter Leader in 2002 through the World Laughter Tour, Nancy has taken her passion for this unique craft to businesses and organizations, individuals and groups throughout the state and the country. With a degree in business, Nancy understands her client’s needs. Leading the world’s only laughter club held in a cemetery, Nancy knows how to bring the benefits of laughter to any place. As a Certified Funeral Celebrant, Nancy understands how humor can be used to aid the grieving process.

Professional Background:

Nancy is serious about laughter.  After receiving her certification as a laughter leader, Nancy made it her mission to let others know of the tremendous benefits of laughter.  Today, she is a sought-after lecturer, presenting programs and seminars to a diverse audience.

Nancy enlightens her clients on how laughter and humor can be used to ease suffering and enhance one’s life. Nancy works at Veterans Funeral Care in Clearwater, FL, where she serves as Director of Grief Support as well as a Certified Grief Management Specialist.

….“The more involved I became in talking about laughter, the more research I did, and I became serious about laughter’s benefits.”

….Nancy takes her research, energy and passion to businesses and organizations – small and large – to show how laughter and humor can be used for immediate results.

….“It’s amazing the positive responses I get back from audiences on the lasting effects of my programs.”

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Clown Noses for a Cause

I am proud to support local charities who receive the proceeds from the sale of clown noses at my presentations.

Here are some of the charities:

Family Justice Center    $444

HOME – Food Pantry in Hampton, VA  $50

Funeral Service Foundation $300  

Rapha House in Cambodia to assist victims of human trafficking  $100

Pet Emergency Fund     $100

Mama Cindy’s Soldiers Fund   $250

Dash for Dad Prostate Cancer Run  $50

Franciscan Center  $225

Habitat for Humanity $125

Gateway Longview $25

Junior Achievement $70

Catholic Charities $80

NAMI Christmas is for Kids $60

Junior Achievement $35

Brain Cancer Support Group $60

St. Luke’s Mission  $100

WNY Children’s Psychiatric Treatment Center $350

The Castle $100

Newark Assist $205

St. Paul’s Food Pantry – Foster, RI  $150

Genesee Senior Foundation – Batavia, NY $130


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