The goal of life is to live as many days as possible filled with joy. If we are happy, then most things in our life are likely to be going well. However we know that it is not always possible to be joy-filled. Stress, grief, challenges, even minor annoyances can shift us away from joy. When those moments occur, there are still things we can do to help us move back towards feeling good.

There is a saying that “he who laughs, lasts.” Nancy has spread her message of mirth to thousands of people. Her tools for tackling tough times help people feel better now. These tools go beyond laughter and can help you go from “oy” to “joy.”



Let’s face it – when you are under stress you are no fun to be around. Your family and your co-workers either avoid you or tiptoe quietly by hoping that you will not notice them. You don’t like feeling or acting this way, but don’t know how to get out of the stress cycle.cover-sample

This book contains the answers you have been looking for. In three simple steps, you can learn how to handle stress in a healthier way. While you may not be able to avoid stressful situations, you don’t have to let stress take over your life. With the tools contained inside this book, you will learn that you don’t have to feel good, to feel better. And remember, “stressed” spelled backwards is “desserts,” so reverse your stress and be good to yourself.
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1:1 Mentoring

Are you ready to set clear goals and create a plan to make it happen? Whether it is a one-time session, one month or three, Nancy’s mentoring program utilizes her business skills, input and opinion, as well as spiritual guidance as needed.  It is designed to access your inner knowledge, passion and purpose.  Nancy’s input is given merely to help you uncover and work towards your personal goals.

Here are what some of Nancy’s clients had to say:

“Each of my sessions with Nancy has been incredible.  Prior to my work with Nancy, I would become ‘stuck’ as I attempted to progress forward in my business.  Now with her guidance, I am confidently moving forward each step of the way with clarity, motivation, energy and success.” 
Mary S.

“Many thanks to Nancy for helping me see that I am empowered to realize my life purpose. The self-reflective practices I’ve learned while working with her have helped me professionally and personally. I am now relaxed, focus and, above all, happy!” 
Kara O.

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Flower Essences


As an Enlightened Feelings certified Flower Essence Practitioner, Nancy offers another unique and effortless way to help you shift into a happier, more empowered state of being.  Nancy offers you premium quality potentized living flower essences developed through extensive science and research by Enlightened Feelings.

The frequencies of these natural flower essences gently raise your internal frequencies to elevate your mood and sense of wellbeing.  It is a safe, drug-free, effortless way to heal your emotions, elevate your mood, and create positive shifts in mental attitude and physical wellbeing.

A gifted spiritual intuitive, expert in grief support, and a trained flower essence practitioner, Nancy can offer you outstanding safe, natural solutions to rapidly assist you during life’s transitions and endings.  Nancy’s goal is to help you find true joy and inner peace.

Nancy offers both custom testing and prepared flower essence remedies.  She is happy to assist you in person at her office in the Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL area, or at a distance through phone consultation.

To learn more about flower essences and how they work visit:



“I was amazed that I felt in my authentic power after taking the flower essences. I felt no need to control the situation or feel afraid. It was so different than anything I had ever felt before.”

Catherine M.

“My experience with flower essences was life changing as they played a major role in my body going into complete remission from an autoimmune disease within 6 weeks! 1 year later and I am still clear of disease and feeling better than ever.”

Lauren W.

The flower essence Stressbuster has allowed me to function in a calm manner during high stress times. It is so powerful that my staff began to sneak into my office to use my spray. The result: Our work atmosphere became harmonious and productivity increased.

Tracy J.

I know that the blocks that the flower essences helped to release have a lot to do with the love and happiness and increasing financial abundance that I have in my life today. So much has changed for the better in the past year since I started taking the essences, I need to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

Diane G.>

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