Yesterday I began to track my thoughts – specifically those that began with either “I need” or “I want.”  I was surprised at how often these random thoughts pop up. Getting dressed for work I had five “I need”s – new underwear, a red shirt, brown dress shoes, socks, make up brush.  At work the list included a new laptop and cell phone.  Flowers for my garden, take a cruise, furniture for my son’s new apartment – the list grew and grew. 


Yet none of these thoughts distressed me.  Upon scrutiny most of my “needs” were truly only “wants” and all of them were obtainable.  I did not seek an Italian villa, a pony or a day with Brad Pitt.  Each thought came as a reaction to a situation in my day and I knew that if I truly desired the item, I could have it. 


We are beings that are constantly desiring things.  We are also capable of manifesting amazing items, moments and opportunities into our lives.  With clear intent, focused effort and absolute certainty, we can have almost anything we want (Brad, are you listening?)  Visualize, affirm and banish doubt in order to connect your thoughts to your reality.  “Wanting” is not a bad word – as long as it motivates you to create a life filled with flowers, cruises and a drawer full of new underwear.