Every day our paths intersect with others.  These encounters can leave us changed for the better if we ask the right questions and truly listen to their answers.  Ordinary people can teach us how to have an extraordinary life.  I will be sharing with you some of the tales of those people I have met.

Hopes and Dreams in a Jar

Attending a workshop, I walked over to the coffee shop across the street. Behind the counter were three young ladies. On the counter was a tip jar that said: Hope and Dreams.  I asked the first girl what were her hopes and dreams.  She told me that she was newly married and wanted to start a family.  The second girl told me the same thing.  Such a basic desire of life to have children of your own.  The third girl hesitated when I asked her what her hopes and dreams were. She did not have an answer.  Her co-workers told me that she was still young and would in time have one.  I did not believe that there was nothing she didn’t dream about, so I pushed a little harder. “Are you in school?” I asked. “Yes” came the reply. She was in an  environmental studies program. She began to tell me all about it and what she hoped to do someday with her education. This was a girl ready to change the world for the better. Her hopes for the future would ultimately touch us all.  We all have hopes and dreams and, if we allow them to come forth into the world, who knows the lives we may touch.