Every day our paths intersect with others.  These encounters can leave us changed for the better if we ask the right questions and truly listen to their answers.  Ordinary people can teach us how to have an extraordinary life.  I will be sharing with you some of the tales of those people I have met.

The Question Girl

Checking out at the grocery store, I had the most curious of checkout girls.  Beyond the standard, “Did you find everything that you needed?” Her probing went into areas such as what I did for a living, what type of food I liked to eat and how long Bob and I have been together.  Her questions went on and on endlessly – with no apparent story thread, just randomly tossed out queries. Whatever popped into her head, she asked.  I suppose it was a way to pass the time with so many short encounters with customers that she was instructed to  make artificially warm and fuzzy. Finally she looked at me and said, “I’m sorry I asked so many questions. I am just curious about people.”  Curious about people.  Make that two of us.  People are fascinating, yet we will never know how interesting they are unless we ask them some questions… and then some more questions….and then some more…. well, you get the idea. When we stop talking about ourselves and start listening, is when we begin to connect to others.  Ask a question, get an answer…sometime you will even discover the treasures each person holds.