Every day our paths intersect with others.  These encounters can leave us changed for the better if we ask the right questions and truly listen to their answers.  Ordinary people can teach us how to have an extraordinary life.  I will be sharing with you some of the tales of those people I have met.


My neighbor is 85 years young. She runs for thirty minutes each morning. Today she was outside raking and mowing her yard. It seems that nothing slows her down.  Perhaps there is one thing – the death of her beloved husband.  Today she shared with me how they met and it was truly a magical beginning to a lasting love affair.  Alice’s husband had a band. Not the rocker type, more the Glenn Miller kind. He was invited to play at a local club, with one caveat – he had to use their singer. Begrudgingly he agreed, but only because he wanted the gig.  In walked Alice and out went his heart.  They made beautiful music together for over sixty years. It seems that destiny brings into our paths those people we are meant to meet, to love and to share a song or two with.