This is a time of extreme activity.  Holiday shopping, parties and other events leave us longing for a minute just to put our feet up and rest.  Take some time for Joyful Recreation….or looked at another way – Joyful Re-Creation.  For when we take time to enjoy life, to relax, to have some fun – we are also able to re-create ourselves. We can focus on what is important to us and what we truly want to invest our time in.  By stepping back from the busyness of it all, we are able to evaluate what is and what is not working for us.  Too much running around and we have no time to get clarity.  Recreation is not an option – it is necessary in order for us to maintain our balance.  As the New Year approaches, we begin to think about our resolutions and what we want to change in our life. We know that in less than 365 days we can find ourselves in an entirely new situation – job, relationship, exercise, diet, etc.  So why not start now? Take some time for Joyful Re-Creation.  It is the best holiday gift you can give yourself.