When you first meet her, she seems quiet, almost timid. Then she smiles and laughs and suddenly you realize that you are in the presence of someone very special. Her eyes light up and the weariness of the world melts away.  She is a nurse and a caretaker and yet she has few people to take care of her.  She walks slowly with a limp that comes from too many hours on her feet at the hospital where she works.  Her days are filled with work and her evenings with her cat. She seems to live an ordinary life until you notice her key ring. It is full of keys that hang from oddly placed rings one attached to the other.  Too large to fit in a pocket, too heavy to place in a purse, she carries the key ring in her hand. “What beyond her house and car key could possibly be on there?” I wondered. The answer reveals her true nature – one is for a neighbor she is watching over as she recovers from surgery. Another is for a friend whose dogs she watches from time to time. Some are for work, others belong to neighbors and people she helps out – the elderly, the infirm, the lonely.  Katie’s key ring is more than just a collection of keys. It is proof to me that angels truly do walk the earth.