Laughter Club

Join a club with no membership and no rules… just an hour of breathing, stretching, laughing and Good Hearted Living.  The laughter club brings all of the benefits of therapeutic laughter to you.  Sessions can be done seated or standing and are appropriate for all ages.  Come for the fun – Stay for the chocolate!

If you live in the Western New York area, join Nancy:
Schedule varies. Call for next date.
Note: Be a part of something special, this is the only laughter club held at a cemetery any place in the world!

For more information or to make a reservation, call
(716) 908-9154

To find a laughter club in your area, go to and click on “clubs”

21 Benefits of Laughter:
1. Activates your immune system.
2. Decreases the harmful effects of stress.
3. Aerobically exercises your heart and lungs.
4. Relaxes muscle tension, which often means less pain
5. Improves digestion.
6. Relieves depression.
7. Rests the brain; it works like a mini-vacation for your mind.
8. Stimulates both sides of the brain, coordinating all the senses.
9. Improves alertness and mental processing.
10. Increases attention span.
11. Helps you absorb information faster and retain it longer.
12. Improves problem-solving.
13. Reduces mistakes.
14. Stabilizes mood swings.
15. Inspires creativity.
16. Improves communication.
17. Improves your general outlook on life.
18. Leads to a better sense of humor.
19. Enhances romance.
20. Improves morale.
21. Reduces attention-seeking complaining.

Need A Good Laugh?

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