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Laughter programs can be adapted to fit every group. Nancy listens to her client and builds her talk around their goals and objectives. Her talks can focus on a wide variety of topics including the health benefits of laughter, coping with change, grief and loss, adopting a positive attitude, the spiritual aspects of laughter and reducing stress with laughter. No matter the program, all feature practical steps through storytelling, scientific research and laughter sessions that can be utilized to realize immediate, positive benefits. Nancy’s commitment to creating a fun, experiential environment ensures that her clients gain immediate, concrete results.


Laugh for the Health of It

Corporate, association, and non-profit leaders look to Nancy Weil to deliver on her promise of “Simple Tools for Healthy Living” to audiences as diverse as business professionals, cancer patients and senior citizens. This program has been hailed as “life altering” and is a perfect fit for events meant to uplift, inform, and deliver meaningful and lasting change. Filled with information your audience will refer to again and again.

As a result of this program, audience members will be able to:

Combat stress, burnout, cynicism, and negativity before it starts
• Boost immune response with therapeutic laughter
• Develop new solutions to daily challenges
• Improve performance, attitudes and results… tomorrow!

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All Stressed Out and Ready to Blow

Are you and your team: Stretched thin? Maxed out? Sick and tired of being sick and tired? It doesn’t have to be that way. Imagine a meaningful and lasting solution to these expensive headaches and people problems that will leave your staff energized, better organized and stress free. This program has been rated “excellent” and “extremely informative” by audiences who continue to use the skills they learned at this workshop.

As a result of this program, your group will be able to:

Counteract the negative effects of stress before they set in
• Implement ten steps for harnessing the positive effects of stress
• Reposition your relationship with money to do more with existing resources
• Redefine work/life balance in ways that are both realistic and super-productive
• Unleash the healing power of laughter at work and at home

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Caregiver Rescue

Do you want to help your audience members develop new approaches to taking care of their clients and themselves? Do you want them to reconnect, re-engage, and rediscover their passion for their work? Nancy’s programs provide a perfect combination of practical content, plenty of laughter, and on-the-job tools.

As a result of this program, audience members will be able to:

Build joy into your jobsite – even when dealing with death
• Unlock better teamwork and stronger leadership at every level
• Fight compassion fatigue and reconnect deeply to your purpose
• Develop innovative ways to help your clients, patients and their families

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Humor in Hard Times

Do you want to help your clients, patients, and their families transform their lives during the most difficult times imaginable? Nancy Weil will teach your group how to “Cope with Loss through Laughter.” This program has been hailed as “extremely comforting” and is a perfect fit for events meant to uplift, inform, and deliver a lasting positive impact.

As a result of this program, audience members will be able to:

Begin to cope with loss in a healthy way – even alone at 3am!
• Deploy short-term and long-term tools to help ease the pain
• Use the healing power of laughter to process emotions
• Rediscover hope, laughter and connectedness after a loss.

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Laughter is Good for the Soul      speaking at St. Andrew's Catholic Church

Explore the spiritual connection between laughter and your inner life. Uselaughter to elevate your mood, lift your spirits, smooth life’s challenges and prepare you to handle the tough stuff. Understand why laughter is the best medicine. Learn the difference between a problem and an inconvenience. Make a commitment to Good Hearted Living principles and use the techniques of “Day by Day the Laughter Club Way.” Connect to God and others through the power of humor.

As a result of this program, audiences will be able to:

• Nurture their spirit through the energy of laughter
• Choose to be happy, no matter the circumstances
• Reconnect on a deeper level with their spirit and purpose
• Combat stress, boost immune response with therapeutic laughter
• Create a Humor Plan of Action

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