By now most of us have already stopped trying to acheive our New Year’s Resolution list.  It sits in a drawer, unaccomplished and we may even beat ourselves up over our lack of commitment. Stop!  Resolutions can never work by their very nature.  When we resolve to do something, it is usually something we don’t really want to do (stop eating sugar, go to the gym) but we feel we must do.  We must power through our urges and cravings and rely upon inner strength to not do the one thing we want to do.  It creates an inner power struggle.  This is a fight we cannot win.

However, if instead we set intentions, we can achieve what we desire. Intentions are in alignment with what we really want. “I intend to eat a healthier diet,” we say to ourselves or “I intend to stop watching so much television and read more books.”  We are in agreement with our desires. Instead of pushing against something, we are working with ourselves to accomplish our goals.

I start each day setting my intent for the day. Before I get out of bed, I mentally review my day and state what I would like to have happen with each item on my schedule.  Before I am even vertical, I have already begun the process of having a day filled with great moments.  Try it tomorrow morning. You may just find your day running more smoothly and your life becoming in alignment with who you truly want to be.