So many people that I see as clients are lost. They know that they are not feeling happy or engaged in life, but they are not sure how to reverse the situation.  They are lost without a destination in sight.  These wanderers are unhappy souls just letting the days take them where they may. They have long ago given up setting big, lofty goals or even teeny tiny ones and they find themselves drifting.  Life is not an adventure, but an endurance test.

This is not how life is supposed to be.  We are by nature dreamers. We want, we yearn, we desire. We must also however focus, act and believe.  If we do these three things that which we seek will come to us – the law of attraction.

  • Focus – get clear about what you want.  Just as a waitress will not bring you food until you order what you’d like – so too must you determine what you really want. Do you want a better job or just enough money to live on? These are very different things to ask for. The job may provide you with your financial needs, but so can winning the lottery or inheriting a fortune from a long lost uncle. So write down your goals and place your order.
  • Act – I always say that the Law of Attraction is a law of action.  I have clients that just want to wait around wishing for their doorbell to ring with the perfect partner, job or opportunity.  They can keep waiting, but it is a better idea to get out and take the steps necessary to connect with that mate, that career or that new offer.  Trust your intuition to guide you to your next step.  Send out e-mails, call people who may be able to help you and do whatever bold steps you must in order to realize your dreams and ambitions.  Constantly adjust your plans and do not be rigid in your approach.  Act, but with a plan.
  • Believe – This is essential if you want to get where you are going.  If you don’t really think it can happen, then it can’t.  While dreams are important, they are not enough. You must believe deeply in your soul that your vision will happen. You must feel worthy of getting your desires and be a happy receiver. Don’t just be a good giver; you must also be good at letting others do for you.  Don’t shut off the supply source by being unwilling to receive. To be effective, it must go in both directions.  Trust that if you can dream it, you can achieve it,