How often do you express a desire for something by saying, “I want ….”?  We are a society of yearning. We want more money. We want a great relationship.  We want to lose weight, have more time, have more money, we want, we want, we want. Well, STOP wanting now!  Look it up in the dictionary: want n. 1. lack, scarcity, shortage. 2. Poverty, destitution. 3. deficiency, insufficiency.   Who would state a desire when it is acknowledging that? The words you use mean something.  Choose them carefully.  Stop affirming lack and scarcity.  Don’t validate destitution.  Banish insufficiency.  Instead have what you desire.  Affirm that it is soon to be in your life. Better yet, emphasize the steps you are taking to have what you desire.   have 1. to receive, get.  Much better.