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Weekends are for Chocolate!

Chocolate days are ahead of us every weekend. Time to rest and take in all of the rewards for our weekly efforts. Hot fudge, Hershey Bars and a cup of Hot Chocolate are at the ready.  How about a long hot bath, coffee with friends, sleeping in, working out or reading a good book?  Those are also chocolate moments.

You see, chocolate really refers to indulging yourself. Not just in the high calorie, high fat,, but totally worth it tasty treat. Indulging yourself means losing yourself in those things that make you feel good. Really good. The kind of good that allows you to truly exhale, relax your shoulders, dance a jig and chillax completely.  Yeah, that good.  Now that is a chocolate moment.

Fridays are for Forgiveness

Yikes! This is the hardest day of the week. To forgive myself and others is not the easiest of tasks. To carry a grudge – easy peasy, but to let it go and forgive, well that takes an entire day of practice. My favorite quote about forgiveness is by Mark Twain, who wrote, “Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet leaves on the heel that has crushed it.”  Pause- take a moment to re-read that sentence. It is powerful and profound. Are you that violet? I’m not, but I am trying by practicing crushing non-living things, like crumbs and cotton balls, under my shoe and then seeing if it forgives me.

Yet we know that to carry a grudge does nothing but poisons us. The bitterness eats away at our soul and keeps us from feeling the true joy in life.  Forgive and forget? Well, I may not forget, but I sure will practice forgiveness on Fridays.

If You Want to be Happy

Everyone wants to be happy. In fact the Declaration of Independence gives Americans the right to pursue happiness.  It is not guaranteed, but we can chart our own path to joy.  At times when our work becomes overwhelming, or in this economy underwhelming, we may feel stressed and unable to rise to the level of cheerful delight.  However we all know people that no matter the circumstances always seem to have a smile on their face and a joie de vivre. How do they get there and how can we achieve this same satisfaction in our days and allow this feeling to spill over into the work we do? Happy people have three qualities that other people don’t have: they know it, they show it and they grow it. (more…)

Feel Better Now: 6 simple steps to grief relief

I have studied and offered healing techniques to those who grieve as a way to help ease the daily pain that is the companion of loss. Recently life created the unwelcome opportunity for me to witness the power of this process from the inside out.  We all will suffer a loss during our lifetime.  Each loss carries with it different circumstances, but there are still some strategies we can use to help us cope and heal. (more…)

Ten Steps to Reducing Tension

It sneaks up on us at the most unexpected times. It doesn’t take much to send us there: an inappropriate comment from someone, too much to do and no energy to do it or a sudden flood of emotions welling up.   Your day is going smoothly and suddenly, when one thing throws you a curve ball, you begin to feel yourself getting tense.  The stress begins to build and your mind begins to look for ways to get out and lay on a beach somewhere.  While thoughts of Tahiti may be appealing, the reality is that you have only two choices – stress out or seek relief.  Try any of the steps below and watch the frustrations melt away. (more…)

Laughing Your Way Through Grief

The above title may seem inappropriate to some. “Death is not funny,” they might think.  The idea of laughing at a time of loss seems antithetical to the emotional upheaval the bereaved is feeling.  Yet, for those who work in the field of laughter and humor, it is perfectly understandable to laugh at a time when you least feel like it.  The healing benefits encompass body, mind and spirit and help to ease the pain.  (more…)

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