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A Dose of Kindness


The drive was long, made longer by the concern over the path Hurricane Hermine was going to take. Maybe she was picking up on my anxieties or maybe it was just her “pugginess” showing, but Simone’s heavy breathing would not stop. We gave her a light sedative to calm her, but she continued to pant for over an hour. When she refused a snack (with more medication hidden inside) we knew she was in trouble.
We stopped in the next town, Valdosta, Ga, and went inside the closest veterinary office. They had only re-opened a few hours before, as the hurricane had roared through their town and left them without electricity. They welcomed us and took such care to assess Simone’s condition and what had to be done to calm her down. We felt relieved that she was getting the treatment she needed. Their kindness made a stressful day so much better. Not only did Simone get the medicine she needed, we also got the medicine we needed – a dose of kindness.

Reach out for help…

On the days when you are feeling overwhelmed, reach out for help from others. It may be from a friend or family member who will listen or just offer a hug. It may come from a stranger that says just the right words or offers the assistance you need. My best friend, Melissa, always says, “God gives you who you need, it just may not be the person you think it will be.” Be a gracious receiver of their kindness and take in the love they offer to you, for that is truly the best medicine to help you through any stressful moment.

Thursdays are for Kindness

Research has shown that when you offer a kindness to someone, your seratonin levels (the “feel good” brain chemical) rises. The person who has received the kindness, their level rises as well. Best of all: anyone who witnesses or hears about your kind act, their level goes up, too. One act of kindness can ripple out and impact others far beyond yourself.

Don’t believe me? Go on the internet and find a heartwarming, “good news” story. Notice how you feel before and after reading it. You will notice the warm feeling in your tummy (or is that the tacos you ate for lunch?)  Maybe you will have a smile on your face or find yourself suddenly wanting to sing Walt Disney’s favorite song, Feed the Birds, from Mary Poppins.

Now imagine, if just reading about a kind act can create this kind of “buzz,” imagine how you will feel if you are actually the provider of the kind act. It doesn’t have to be grand, even a small gesture can reap big rewards.  So feed the birds, open a door, come over and do my ironing…small acts add up to a seratonin surge so big that you may even find yourself dancing to Chim Chim Cheree.

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