My soul yearns to live where I can sit on my patio, savor a cup of tea and look out at the water. Water soothes me and draws me in. I keep hearing their warnings of flooding, alligators (who will eat my precious Simone) and tiny bugs that will bite me. I understand that with water comes issues, but nowhere else do I feel in harmony as when I am near water.

I have visioned the patio scene thousands of times and finally realized it has come into reality, just not exactly the way I pictured it. I was at my patio table chatting with my bestie, Melissa, on the phone with a cup of tea in my hand. I was distracted by the sunlight glistening on the water of a puddle that had formed outside of the trailer following an earlier downpour. At last I had my “waterfront” property or at least a sign of what was to still come.

What is your sign?

Noah sent out the dove and it returned with an olive branch letting him know that the floods had receded and he could leave the ark and begin life anew. What does your “olive branch” look like? What sign may come your way to let you know that what you have been wanting is on the horizon? What you most want may not manifest all at once, but God will send you road signs to let you know that you are on the right path towards your destiny.