trailer 1

Attending an important business conference I was reluctant to share with them where I was living. I was ashamed to let them know of my current situation and worried how they might judge me if they knew. I guess God was hearing my fear as during introductions two people, for no reason, opened up about how they had once lived in trailers. Years ago when they were starting their business was one woman’s tale. Another had recently moved out of the trailer and into their newly built dream home. They both spoke of their trailer days with a hint of adventure in their words. They had no regrets about it and no shame either.
This allowed me to fully embrace my circumstance. I now tell everyone where I live (and blog about it too!) My shame has instead become #trendy.


Your ego lies…


Our ego tells us that others are judging us all of the time. It whispers to us that we are not good enough, that we are not doing enough, that we are just not enough. The reality is that we are always enough. The reality is that most people aren’t really spending too much time analyzing your life or talking about you. The reality is that your reality is what you make of it. Embrace your circumstances, love who you are right now. Quiet the ego mind and allow the heart to lead you. Start a revolution of people loving who they are, how they are and be #trendy.