Is it possible to be without a home, but not homeless? For millions of refugees around the world this is the situation they find themselves in. I look to them for courage and inspiration when I face the stark reality of where I am currently living. Gone are the days of the 3,000 square foot five bedroom home or even the townhouse I rented. No longer am I an owner or a tenant. I am simply “one who resides.” My landlord is my brother and the bed I sleep in is not my own. My mattress is in storage in the warehouse, my bedding in a bin.
Yet I am filled with gratitude to have a place that is safe and clean, even if I do look out at barbed wire fencing from my living area window! It is not what I envisioned when I pictured where I would reside (that consisted of a modern, beautiful home overlooking the water) nor is it always convenient to occupy such a small space. I walk across the parking lot to use the bathroom, Bob bumps his head on the cabinets and Simone must content herself with barking at the few cars that travel down the dead end street. We each find our way each day to embrace this living arrangement and watch “Tiny House” to realize that we are simply living out a trend.

The Rolling Stones Were Right…
God takes care of your every need…the wants may have to wait a bit! In the immortal words of the Rolling Stones, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime you find, you get what you need.” It is an evolutionary bias to focus on the negatives in your life, however you can shift, re-frame and dwell in the positives. Look at what you do have and be grateful for each small blessing. The path to happiness is in being satisfied with your current situation, even when it is not as you prefer it to be.