That’s my brother, Rick. This is the poster he printed to hang on the inside of the bathroom door at the warehouse. It scared my bestie, Melissa, when she came to visit. My brother is funny and he expresses it in many ways, sometimes this is his “way.” One of the best things about my living arrangements is that I get to see my brother every day. We get to catch up and talk about the simple details of our day. Nothing deep or sacred. No discussion of world happenings, more along the lines of what we have planned or the weather.

I grew up with two older brothers. I say that my parents wanted a girl and stopped once they had me. They say that my parents found me abandoned in an alley, took pity on me and brought me home. Similar to the stray dog, Cha Cha, we had growing up. My brothers teased me relentlessly as a child. It was their job and they did it well. I never could have predicted how close we would be now that we have grown up. Having siblings is like… from teasers to treasures.

Who are your teachers?

Our teachers are oftentimes the people we are related to. Our parents, grandparents, children and siblings. It is the sibling bond that helps to form us. We share the stories of a shared childhood and they remember the Saturday morning cartoons we watched together and the name of the kid down the street who memorized the names of all of the Vice-Presidents (Andy Rose) Those closest to us may test us or tease us, but they also teach us who we are and those lessons allow us to grow. Beyond algebra or adjectives, the subject we are here to study the most is ourselves.