When you find yourself living in Florida, in your brother’s warehouse parking lot in a 30′ trailer and calling it home, you learn the power of surrendering. Within my journey are aspects of the one you are also on.

I hope my musings will uplift and inspire you to live each day fully, to embrace the “not knowing” and to Dump the Ego and Embrace Your Spiritual Self.

I have never dug in my heels so hard and shouted to the Universe, “I’m not going anywhere!” However each day brought new signs that my life was shifting from the familiar to the unknown and I could resist or I could surrender. The choice was mine to make.
The signs came each day: a catalog buried in a plastic tote from a college in Clearwater, FL that I did not remember ever sending for, a place to live for free showing up just when we needed it, a hotel in Atlanta minutes away from my old college roommate. One synchronicity after the other flooded into my life and I realized that if I just stopped resisting and let go, everything would turn out as it should.

Your turn…

You have the choice each day of where your life will go. You can control each moment or you can release into your soul’s knowing. The signs may be subtle, but they appear waiting for you to recognize them. Surrendering is the hardest thing for us to do. It means we let go of our ego that is there to protect us and we allow ourselves to be guided by our inner knowing that connects us to the Universe, to God. It means we accept that we never really had control anyway, that making plans is an illusion and that life can change in an instant. Surrendering is a powerful act of faith that allows you to relax and stay rooted in each moment.