Potrait of a common raccoon

Newly settled in, I walked to the LQ (Living Quarters) in the warehouse late one night. Upon entering the warehouse my eyes caught movement up on the second level of storage. At first I thought it was my brother’s cat, but then I locked eyes with the furry beast and realized that this was too large to be a cat. Even from far away I could tell that a raccoon had found its way into the warehouse to look for leftover cat food or just get out of the oppressive night heat. Either way, it was a bit of a shock for me to be faced with wildlife in my path, inside my new “place.”
I looked at Simone, who was oblivious to the raccoon, and silently made a vow to be more aware, so that she would never be near our nighttime visitors. I looked at my dog and thought, “Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” I’m not sure what other unexpected surprises await me in Florida, but I will be alert and watch for them.
(I’ve since named her Hazel!)


Be ready for the unexpected…


Adjusting to new circumstances always includes discovering the unexpected. Be aware and present and watch what shows up. Some may only appear once, just enough to “wake you up” or “shake you up,” while others may become familiar as you settle into your journey. Take each as it comes and immerse yourself in the experience. If it grabs your attention, then it contains a lesson. Allow the meaning to unfold and embrace its guidance.