2016 began without a hint of what was to unfold in my life. Yet my next chapter was waiting to be written and now I find myself living in Florida, in my brother’s warehouse parking lot in a 30′ trailer and calling it home. I am filled with gratitude for a place to live, people to share my story with and an adventure that continues to unfold.

Within my journey are aspects of the one you are also on. The life path that teaches us to trust, to surrender and to enjoy each day rooted in the now, without fear of tomorrow.

I hope my musings will uplift and inspire you to live each day fully, to embrace the “not knowing” and to Dump the Ego and Embrace Your Spiritual Self.

MUSING #1: The Power of Prayer

My story begins…
The call came unexpectedly. Bob (the fiancĂ©) had a job offer in St. Petersburg, FL. I was comfortable in my life in Buffalo. I had a wonderful place to live, a job I loved, friends and no reason to move…except for the snow. Spending four or five months of the year living in various hues of gray and white wears on you. It had worn on Bob and now he was heading south to the Sunshine State. I had a decision to make: Do I stay in the familiar or do I join him on this adventure?

I knew it was not my call to make. I was not going to uproot my life for a man, but I was also not going to ignore God’s call to begin my next chapter. I prayed the only prayer that seemed appropriate: “Lord, let me release the need to know why, how or when.”

Your turn…
When you are faced with a decision that will alter the course of your life, slow down. Put it up to prayer and wait for the signs that will show up. As human beings we want to control our destiny, but sometimes we need to realize that while we can decide, perhaps it is best to wait to decide. The “why” is not always apparent until we look back in hindsight. The “how” is best left to God. Visualize “what” you want and trust that the “how” you will get it will unfold. The “when” sometimes has a date set, but sometimes we can just trust our gut and make the move when we feel the shift within ourselves.
Remember the time to take action is when your intuition whispers “now.”