I now find myself living in Florida, in my brother’s warehouse parking lot in a 30′ trailer and calling it home. Within my journey are aspects of the one you are also on. The life path that teaches us to trust, to surrender and to enjoy each day rooted in the now, without fear of tomorrow.

I hope my musings will uplift and inspire you to live each day fully, to embrace the “not knowing” and to Dump the Ego and Embrace Your Spiritual Self.


What was I thinking?
What a welcoming committee I had as I made my move to Florida. Hurricane Hermine, the first hurricane to hit land in Florida since 2005, was moving right through our driving route. We delayed our arrival by a day, swung wide west to get around it and finally arrived in time to be welcomed by a huge downpour that shook the trailer. I sat there and wondered, “What was I thinking?” I had moved to the land of sinkholes, alligators, giant bugs and hurricanes.

I did a quick inventory of all of the other times in my life that I had to start over. When I moved away to college, when I got married and first moved to Buffalo, when I got divorced and had to re-define who I was – the list was long and served to remind me that “I’ve got this.” I know how to start a new chapter. I’ve done it before and I can certainly do it again…as long as the alligators don’t get me!

You’ve got this..

When you are facing a challenge, look back at your life and all of the other times you have overcome difficulties. What resources within yourself did you call upon? What was the outcome? Think back to your ancestral history and the hardships your parents, grandparents or other relatives faced. Draw upon the strength that ran in them that now runs in you. Always remember, “You’ve got this.”