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See Your True Self

Are you interested in exploring your spiritual self? Want more clarity on situations happening in your life? Need some extra motivation to define and pursue your dreams? Are you ready to commit to greater self-awareness so that take control of your life and open to new possibilities?

For over twenty-five years I’ve has guided others towards a deeper understanding of their purpose, passions and priorities. As a spiritual mentor, I’ve developed a way of helping others discover their inner truths and desires. Consultations can focus on your personal life or offer professional guidance (or both!).


"Nancy is incredibly motivated to inspire others to connect with their highest and best thoughts in order to create good outcomes! You'll find Nancy highly intuitive, expressing the information needed to move an idea forward. Whether Nancy is working with a large group or one on one, she is amazing! She would be well suited to be a SEO (Spiritual Executive Officer) at any corporation, company or agency! She is funny, enlightening and best of all, she shares the way to connect and engage to our own intuitions in order to discover our hidden talents, and gifts as well as manifest great outcomes!"

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1:1 Mentoring

Are you ready to set clear goals and create a plan to make it happen? Whether it is a one-time session or a full twelve-week mentoring program, I utilize my business skills, input and opinions, as well as spiritual guidance as needed. It is designed to access your inner knowledge, passion and purpose. My input is given merely to help you uncover and works towards your personal and professional goals.

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My clients get results. Here is what they have to say:

Each of my sessions with Nancy have been incredible. Prior to my work with Nancy, I would become “stuck” as I attempted to progress forward in my business. Now with her guidance, I am confidently moving forward each step of the way with clarity, motivation, energy and success.”

Many thanks to Nancy for helping me see that I am empowered to realize my life purpose. The self-reflective practices I’ve learned while working with her have helped me professionally and personally. I am now relaxed, focused and, above all, happy!”

I just want to share the good results I’ve had after a few days of incorporating your suggestions into my daily life. I find my energy increasing, my creativity reawakening and a willingness to try new things.”